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Women Entrepreneurs UK offers guidance and information on finance, funding and investment that business women running or starting up buisnesses might need

This website is dedicated to existing and aspiring business women and contains motivating articles on successful women entrepreneurs, challenges and hardships that women business owners face and tips on how to acquire money to set up your business, business ideas for women at home and finally a special article on Mum Entrepreneurs - Mumpreneurs.

"Women who until now could not venture out of their houses to work because of obligations to their household and their children can now still become businesswomen over the Internet"

Women and Business - The Present Equation

Do women struggle in Business because of low self-confidence, family responsibilities and fear of failure?

The number of women entrepreneurs is on the rise right now

These are numbers that are true on a global level.

The Internet is definitely the cause; women who until now could not venture out of their houses to work because of obligations to their household and their children can now still become businesswomen over the Internet. The Internet has also made it possible for these women to get an education on how various businesses are run, and they can even get real educational degrees for their various pursuits through online institutions. Not just that, women entrepreneurs can also set up complete businesses, employees and all, through various agencies that the Internet has to offer.

All this adds up to one thing—women entrepreneurs have things made for them right now.

Here we shall discuss nine reasons why the Internet is a great idea for female entrepreneurs who are looking for a career. Putting a general spin on things, we can say that women who want to enter in business have it better right now than women of the past ever had.

  • The Internet provides women with various opportunities for a career. For almost whatever talent they have, they can use the Internet to convert it into a business. They can write, they can design websites, they can make graphics, they can make music, they can proofread, they can tutor, they can make hobby items and sell… the Internet has made all this possible.


  • Women who are working from home might be thought of as introverted individuals but that is not really the case. In fact, these women have a tremendous global reach. They can easily connect with people from throughout the world and can enhance their business prospects in a much better what than they would if they were operating at a local level.


  • This is also true about the learning process that women have to go through before they can become successful women entrepreneurs. They may not be able to learn a lot of things locally, but the Internet opens up a large number of possibilities for them. They are able to check video tutorials, read informative content, download and learn from eBooks, subscribe to membership websites, learn from their social networking websites and so much more. The possibilities to learn are virtually unlimited and this definitely increases the chances of these women of becoming successful entrepreneurs.


  • Selling has become easier as well. They don’t need to try connecting with a random set of people in the hopes of getting their products sold. Now, with the help of the Internet, it is possible to get customers come directly to their website and do business with them. This is motivating and inspiring; women being able to find their niche markets directly is really heartening news, especially for those people who don’t have great PR skills.


  • Probably the best thing for women entrepreneurs in being able to work from home over the Internet is that they can also devote time to their family, especially their children. In fact, that’s the reason why a lot of mumpreneurs (a coined term for ‘mother entrepreneurs’) are entering into the fray currently. Working on the Internet allows them flexible hours for work and they can stay at home which means they can even manage time for their household duties. They can take breaks when they want and make it up by working extra another time. At the same time, their families are secure in the knowledge that these women are at home with them.


  • It also makes things easier for women to get help and support from their family members. Actually speaking, a lot of women entrepreneurs are involving their family and friends in what they are doing. They enlist them as workers and pay them even. This is one way for them to expand their businesses. Especially, a lot of women might get together and form a group that works and earns online. This gives them better stability and they can feel safer because they know they are not alone.


  • The payment options have also increased currently. It is possible for women entrepreneurs to be paid directly to their local banks or paid to their credit cards, or several other ways. This helps them manage their financial aspects better. Accounting software applications are also easily available to make things simpler for women who don’t have a head for business.


  • A very significant aspect for women entrepreneurs in being able to work over the Internet is that they can get instant feedback about their products and services. They can see reviews instantly and this helps them make amends. This is also true with particular strategies they are adopting. No one has to wait too long to see where a particular tactic is leading them. For women, this becomes very helpful, especially for those women who haven’t dabbled in businesses before. Stumbling early helps them move on more steadily in future.


  • The Internet is not a stagnant body. It is a fast-moving force, and each day sees some new invention. Now, the Internet has been around for about three decades and it has been constantly growing. However, the growth is the most significant in the business aspect. Now, people who are looking for business through the Internet can have blogs, they can socially network, they can syndicate their content, they can generate leads, they can buy resell rights to products, they can build their own networks, they can virally market their products and services, they can write and sell eBooks… the choices are endless. New things are happening by the minute. All this certainly helps the woman who is planning a business from home.


So, if you are planning to join the league of women entrepreneurs as well, now is the right time, and it is only going to get better. However, the earlier you join in, the better your prospects will be. Keep in mind that the competition is rising here as well, and there is a learning curve too.

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